Caravan: The Card Game
Caravan is a mini-game from the famous videogame "Fallout: New Vegas". The version on has slightly modified rules and procedures to make it playable outside of the videogame's universe.

The most notable change is the replacement of a custom deck chosen by the Player with a standard 52 card deck (incl. 2 Jokers) that gets shuffled at the start of each game. Please see the rules for a more comprehensive explanation of the modified ruleset.

Game Modes
Play Hotseat
Play on the same device with your friend in Hotseat mode. Optional passphrase to protect unwanted cheating.
Play AI
Play versus the Computer to practice and hone your skills. The AI isn't the smartest, but will definitely make you think.
Play Online
Play versus other people around the world with our flexible approach to matchmaking. (Not yet available - estimated Oct 2017)